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Rebecca has bases in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Contact her via the following;

Tel: +44 (0) 7855 954 945


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An Heir of Uncertainty.jpg

An Heir of Uncertainty

By Alyssa Everett

“Great story, good narration, keeps you guessing!”

Jacqueline Gomez

The Girls from See Saw Lane.jpg

The Girls from See Saw Lane

By Sandy Taylor

"Funny, laugh out loud, crying..
I don’t think I’ve ever loved a book so much as ‘The Girls from See Saw Lane: Book 1’ I was raised in mom lived during WWII in Hastings which is not far from Brighton where my Uncle still lives. That was during the ‘60’s also, but I wasn’t as old as the girls..just a mere child. The thing I’m trying to say is I could relate so much to the narrator and the words Sandy Taylor wrote. I laughed so much and at the end cried like a little girl. What a beautiful book...

Donna Smith McG


Imogen By: Jilly Cooper

“Fantastic…[] Good story, well written and well read, really enjoyed this book. Would recommend to anyone.”

Paul White

a time to change

A Time To Change

By Callie Langridge

“A book that you just don’t want to stop listening to…[] This book is a beautiful story beautifully read. The characters came alive and you found yourself wanting everything to work out for the family. It has been a long time since a book could make me cry as well as think of the consequences of our actions and those of others on history. I would thoroughly recommend this book if you want something that is a bit out of the ordinary but will keep your interested to the end”


When We Danced at the End of the

When We Danced at the End of the Pier

By Sandy Taylor

“Lovely, lovely book!!…[] Such a wonderful, gentle book – a joy to read and listen to! Well narrated and the characters truly came to life. Liked it so much that I've just bought the second book in the series!! Thoroughly recommend this!”


When We Danced at the End of the

When We Danced at the End of the Pier

By Sandy Taylor

“Beautiful wartime story!…[] As beautiful and heartbreaking as any wartime love story. Beautifully narrated by Rebecca Courtney, the story follows the children from a very young age to adulthood with all the laughter, heartbreak and sorrow growing up can bring. This is a very good novel, highly recommended…[] A must read for all wartime romance fans!”


Doughnuts and Deception.jpg

Doughnuts and Deception

By Agatha Frost

“Light and Enjoyable…[] This was an entertaining listen, while exercising at the gym. It helped pass the time.”

B. Fortson

The Christmas List.jpg

The Christmas List

By Chrissie Manby

“Great little Christmas story…[] Enjoyed this simple Christmas story. Nice and relaxing. Nice voice narrating. Short and sweet. Would recommend.”

Ginny Moss

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